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Friday, November 19, 2010

psychololy , help to bring an believable contents and minds ,, you have to know psychology..

 makala ya saikolojia ambayo kama ukiisoma inaweza ikakusaidia kupata mambo ambayo yatakusaidia sana sasa ama baadae..unaweza ukatafsiri ukurasa huu ukishinda wasiliana namimi nitakusaidia..

The Psychology Major

Psychology, the study of behavior and mental processes, is a social, behavioral, and human science.  The Psychology major at Lyon introduces students to the empirical study of human and animal behavior and such diverse mental faculties and processes as perception, memory, intelligence, problem solving, and decision making.  Students are also introduced to a wide range of current professional issues and responsibilities regarding both the academic discipline and applied profession of psychology.
Psychology students develop an understanding of the social, psychological, and biological causes of behavior and an understanding of the effects of these factors on a variety of psychological phenomena, including interpersonal relationships, human growth and development, learning, personality, and abnormal behavior.  They become skilled researchers and wise consumers of scientific psychological research.  In addition, they are introduced to the application of basic psychological principles in a variety of endeavors, including counseling and other areas of clinical psychology, education, and industry.  Psychology majors interested in applied aspects of the discipline may gain practical experience in the field through a supervised practicum in the junior or senior year.
The major is designed to prepare students for graduate study in psychology and related fields.  A background in psychology is also appropriate and valuable for students planning to enter such professions as business, education, law, medicine, social work, and the ministry.
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