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Sunday, November 28, 2010

ifahamu japo kidogo historia ya chelsea mabingwa wa uingereza 2010...2011...

hawa ndio yhe blues kama unataka nitoe historia ya timu yako wasiliana na mimi timu yoyote hata kama ni ya tanzania ambayo imehawi kushiriki ligi ya taifa tu... songa na chelsea na kisha kesho nyingine mpaka kieleweke...
Chelsea Football Club has been good at celebrating special anniversaries. The year 2005 saw us reach the major milestone of 100 years-old. What better way was there to mark the centenary than by becoming champions of England for the second time in our existence?
Our golden jubilee had been similarly honoured. The club won silverware in the 1960s, the 70s, the 90s and at the turn of the new millennium, but 1955 was the year we finished above all other teams in the League for the first time.
It was also Chelsea's earliest major trophy. The first five decades had seen the club develop into an integral part of sporting life in England's capital city with famous players and a large, often full stadium.
Chelsea were popular, but achievement fell a long way short of that now enjoyed by the current team, which began the second 100 years of Chelsea history as the best in the land and the biggest football story throughout the world.
Even if trophy success proved elusive in the first 50 years, the club had been set up for the big time from te moment Henry Augustus Mears had a change of heart one Sunday morning in the autumn of 1904.
Of all the decisions that have shaped the history of Chelsea FC, there can be none more crucial than the one this Edwardian businessman made that particular day.
Gus Mears was an enthusiast for a sport that had taken northern Britain by storm but had yet to take off in the capital in quite the same way. London at the turn of the century failed to provide a single team to the Football League First Division.
Mears had spotted the potential for a football club to play at an old athletics ground at Stamford Bridge, an open piece of land in west London. It was a ground he planned to massively redevelop.
But unforeseen problems had followed, as did a lucrative offer for the land. Mears was on the verge of selling up and abandoning his sporting dream.

Colleague Frederick Parker, an enthusiastic supporter of the football stadium project attempted to dissuade him but on the fateful Sunday morning, Parker was told he was wasting his time.
As the two walked on, without warning Mears' dog bit Parker, drawing blood and causing great pain, but only an amused reaction from Parker.
"You took that bite damn well," Mears announced before telling his accomplice he would now trust his judgement over others. "Meet me here at nine tomorrow and we'll get busy," he said. Stamford Bridge was alive once more.
No that Chelsea FC was in the original plan. The finest sports stadium in London seemed a little out of place on the edge of well-heeled and arty Chelsea but as history shows, Mears had chosen well. The proximity to the vibrant centre of town made it perfect as a new venue for football.
Due to financial disagreement, nearby Fulham Football Club, already in existence declined an offer to abandon the less grand Craven Cottage and move in. So in contrast to the history of so many clubs, Mears decided to build a team for a stadium, rather than the other way round.

On March 10th 1905, a meeting convened opposite the stadium in a pub now called The Butcher's Hook. One item on the agenda was a name for the new club. Stamford Bridge FC, Kensington FC and intriguingly, London FC were all rejected. Chelsea FC was what it was to be - and the story had begun.
John Tait Robertson, a Scottish international was the first player/manager and a squad of respected players was signed, providing a league could be found to compete in.
The Southern League was the natural choice for our location but they were unwelcoming to these upstarts. Undaunted, Chelsea simply set our sights higher and went straight for the northern-dominated Football League.
On May 29th 1905, the Football League AGM dramatically elected us to the Second Division. Parker again proved persuasive as we became the first club ever to make the League without having kicked a ball.

Friday, November 26, 2010


The hip hop period is divided into two eras-the old school hip hop (1970-1985) and the golden age hip hop (1985-1993). The hip-hop style is actually very famous and popular in the USA. Hip hop involves rapping, break dancing and is also very popular because of the style of dressing. It is believed that hip hop originated in the Bronx by Kool Herc who was a Jamaican DJ. He was amongst the earliest to gain fame. In hip hop music, the singers individually vocalize over the beats. The old school hip hop artists always focused on introducing themselves and even the guests over the music. Later, this presentation got more varied and the approach was more rhythmic with rhyming lyrics from the African American culture.
Hip hop music has originated from the African American and the West African music. There was a lot of funk and soul music being played during the old school hip-hop era. The golden age hip hop era saw rappers such as Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. The new school of hip hop culture also saw the duo Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince bag the first rap Grammy Award. This was the period that saw the emergence of new hip hop styles. For the first time in the history of hip hop, it was combined with rock, reggae and even techno music. Rap formed a major part of hip hop and also the dance and the clothing styles achieved prominence. The all female group, Salt ‘N’ Pepa tasted stupendous success with singles such as the ‘The Show Stoppa’. The interests in the rap music saw a steady rise and there were various messages that were incorporated in the hip hop music such as stories on crime, drugs and violence. The street language was passed on to the hip hop culture through rap music..         
The hip hop dance gained popularity as it offered a platform to express one’s creativity. Hip hop gave one a chance to dance freely without adhering to the rules that is required in ballroom and ja
style of dancing. Breakdance formed the base for hip hop dance. This appeared in the early 1960s in the New York City. The different styles of hip hop dance includes the harlem shake, snap dance, grinding, gangsta walking, soulja boy, krumping etc. Along with the dance, the hip hop style of dressing also gained popularity along the way. The hip hop look was never complete without baggy jeans, loose Tees, chunky jewelry and loads of bling. This is because, hip hop is not just about dance and music but is a culture in itself. The hip hop dance can never be complete without the right style of hip-hop clothing. Hip hop fashion has cut across all boundaries since the olden days. Today, apart from the loose attire, the women are known to sport fitting skirts with legging and layered tops with gold lockets to make a style statement
Gangsta rap saw success in the year 1986. This was mainly because of the very popular "6n’ Da Mornin'" by Ice T. This gangsta rap trend influenced more groups along the way such as Puff Daddy, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre and The Notorious B.I.G. etc.
Hip hop therefore has generations of fan following. We can see how hip hop music and the hip hop culture has evolved since the olden days. Many argue that the present style of hip hop may not always reflect the pure form. But despite all the disagreements, one cannot argue with the fact that the hip hop is immensely popular even till date... say steven m....
get rich of selfness....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


mahusiano nia jambo nyrti sana ambalo asilimia kubwa ya watu wanavamia  bila kujua nini maana ya kua na mpenzi au nini maana ya kua na mahusiano  ya kimapenzi hili nimelidhibitisha kwani siku hizi mpaka watoto wa shule za msingi wanaingia katika mahusiano ushahidi kuanaasilimia kubwa sana ya watoto wa shule ya msingi wanaopata ujauzito shule lakini haitoshi kuvamia huku kwa mapenzi kuna sababisha mambo yafuatayo 1.. kushindwa kuelewa ni jinsi gani utayamudu mahusiano yako.
2,.. ninini chakufanya ili mpenzi wako aridhike  .. mfano kuna mavazi maalum ambayo unaweza ukavaa ukiwa na mpenzi wako sio vazi la chumbani wewe unatokea shoping unaweza ukamletea mpenzi kitu alicho kutma kamitego hasa mnapokua wennyewe mfano dafu , maji ya kunywa,nk..

lkini pia unapokua na mpenzi wako unaweza ukavaa mavazi ya mitego hasa mnapokua bich na sehemu maalum za mapunziko ili kumvutia zaidi mpenzi wako na hili linafanya kila siku mtu anakuona bado ni mpya na ankua na hamu na wewe na pia anakua na shauku ya kutaka kujua leo mpenzi wangu atakuja na style gani ambayo itanisisimua kama haitoshi kila siku atapenda kua karibu na wewe/..
lakini kama haitoshi unatakiwa wewe ambaye tayari uko katika ndoa unapo mpokea shemeji yetu kuwe na masham sham kigodo sio mume anakuja ndani wewe ndio kwanza umenuna , uvivu katika mapenzi ni sumu mbaya ambayo watu wengi hawajaitambua na hili hata mimi nasema sipatani na mwanamke mvivu  anayependa kununa kula mara na mwenye nidamu mbovu na mengine mengi yanayo fanana na haya

 makla ya steven mruma
 kwa maelezo masaada
wasiliana na mimi nitakupa msaada kadi nnavyo weza

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


view of the day..

steve used to say.....
Kauli za wakongwe zilizo wahi kutolewa na wanamuziki wazamani zisipuuzwe kirahisi kama ambavyo watu wengi hasa wasanii wa bongo flava wanavyochukulia inawezekana ukasikia kauli halafu ukaipuuza lakini maneno yaliowahi kutolewa na akina nyoshi na mzee gurumo yasichukuliwe kama maneno ya watoto wadogo japo sasa kwa kiasi Fulani bongo flava inakua na ile dhana ya kua ni bazooka sasa inaelekea kupungua japokua  baddo tuna mziki wa kuiga kutoka magharibi ila haijarishi pia cha kuiga tukidumishe kiwe chute…
Mwanamuziki nguli katika   (prof.jay na ay ni waasisi wakubwa pia katika muziki wa bongo flavour natambua mchango wao wa mfano)            

miondoko ya dansi nchini Tanzania na anayeheshimiwa sana Maalim Ngurumo alikaririwa akisema wanamuziki wa kizazi kipya ni kama pipi aina ya"bazoka" na wengi wao wanakaribia kuisha utamu kwani wananoga mara moja tu halafu basi.Ngurumo hakuyasema maneno haya kwa mzaha kwani ni mtu anayeheshimika kimuziki na hata kiumri na kwa hivyo maneno yake lazima yachuliwe kwa uzito unaostahili na sio juu juu tu. Maneno haya mazito aliyoyanena Mzee Ngurumo kutokana na baadhi ya tabia za wanamuziki wenyewe yaliwachefua vilivyo  baadhi ya wanamuziki wakongwe katika muziki wa kizazi kipya,kati yao ni Prof Jay na AY ambao walipinga kauli hiyo kwa kusema sio ya kuwatakia mema lakini walishindwa kumpinga moja kwa moja Ngurumo kwani waliona ukweli ndani ya maneno yake na kuongezea kusema ni kweli baadhi ya wanamuziki wachache ni lazima wajiandae kwanza kabla ya kufikiria kuingia kwenye fani kwa kukurupuka na kutoa "Singo"
 Huu ni mwanzo wa makala bongo flava na hakika lazima tutazame tulipotoka tulipo na kasha tupange yanayokuja kwani hayo ndio ya msingi kuliko yote kwetu.. kama unabisha basi huwezi kufanikiwa ..
Makala ya steven mruma..

Friday, November 19, 2010

psychololy , help to bring an believable contents and minds ,, you have to know psychology..

 makala ya saikolojia ambayo kama ukiisoma inaweza ikakusaidia kupata mambo ambayo yatakusaidia sana sasa ama baadae..unaweza ukatafsiri ukurasa huu ukishinda wasiliana namimi nitakusaidia..

The Psychology Major

Psychology, the study of behavior and mental processes, is a social, behavioral, and human science.  The Psychology major at Lyon introduces students to the empirical study of human and animal behavior and such diverse mental faculties and processes as perception, memory, intelligence, problem solving, and decision making.  Students are also introduced to a wide range of current professional issues and responsibilities regarding both the academic discipline and applied profession of psychology.
Psychology students develop an understanding of the social, psychological, and biological causes of behavior and an understanding of the effects of these factors on a variety of psychological phenomena, including interpersonal relationships, human growth and development, learning, personality, and abnormal behavior.  They become skilled researchers and wise consumers of scientific psychological research.  In addition, they are introduced to the application of basic psychological principles in a variety of endeavors, including counseling and other areas of clinical psychology, education, and industry.  Psychology majors interested in applied aspects of the discipline may gain practical experience in the field through a supervised practicum in the junior or senior year.
The major is designed to prepare students for graduate study in psychology and related fields.  A background in psychology is also appropriate and valuable for students planning to enter such professions as business, education, law, medicine, social work, and the ministry.
If you believe that everything is in the mind, you've got to check out Find a plethora of articles on psychology from the web portal. Learn about psychology as storytelling, mental health, emotional quotient studies, hypnosis, the psychology of torture, psychotherapy analysis and defense mechanism, human social behavior and a number of other relevant issues.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


MAKALA MAALUM YA MAHUSIANO.. songa nayo..japo ni fupi ila kwa maelezo na msaada zaidi wasiliana nami.........
relationships must be built on a foundation of trust. We need to be to count on others and feel that they will be open with us.
Honesty; no relationship can survive if the partner are no honest with one another. Each partner must share a commitment of truth. Those in good relationships accept one another, blemishes and all. A relationship based on untruths or even half-truths lacks depth and meaning.

Mutual support; healthy relationships are characterized by mutual support. A partner’s well-being should have an impact on you, and your well-being should affect your partner. In best way the partner seek out what is best for both, and they act as advocates for and defend each oth
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” —I Corinthians 13:4-8a (NIV)
Love is best seen as devotion and action, not an emotion. Love is not exclusively based on how we feel. Certainly our emotions are involved, but they cannot be our only criteria for love. True devotion will always lead to action—true love.

“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.”

But you have to know that’s when some one hurts you..
I really feel for people who go through broken relationships, and I’ve felt that at times they can feel so alone, and not find from the Church what they need, which is healing. How often we talk about love and marriage and family, but forget that many get hurt by those who misuse the word “love.”
This past weekend, we had the reading from 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13 where Saint Paul speaks about all the things that love is. It’s a great reading, but I think we can’t forgive we have to love those who hurt, as a Church, parish, and as individuals. My homily focused on how we can do just that, and it’s below. All of us have to do that too by doing all we can to support the vocation of marriage, not being afraid to help couples through stormy waters, and also not feeling like the best remedy for healing is by keeping silent. The Lord says to Jeremiah, “…I am with you to deliver you,” giving the prophet hope as he proclaims God’s word through the incredibly difficult
final years of the kingdom, a message many rejected. And just as God was with Jeremiah, He is with us too through thick and thin. Our job is to make sure no one ever forgets that, standing with our loved ones whether it’s the joy of  their first dance at their wedding reception, or through the pain of a shattered relationship, helping them to find the healing and peace that is there. Paul is quite right – love never fails. Sometimes people need a reminder of that when they’ve been burned by someone who misused the word, and need to be led to the healing hand of Christ, something we must do as a Church, and as individuals by not failing any of our brothers and sisters in need.
God bless, 
when one love ends use your knowledge to find onother love... 
say steven 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

unajua thamani ya kutabasamu katika maisha? TABASAMU UPATE FAIDA..

kama ulikua hujui sasa tambua hili kua unapo tabasamu huwa kuna faida nyingi sana katika maisha ya mwanadamu kwa mfano unapo tabasamu kuna sensory katika ubongo zinapunguza matumizi ya kazi zake na hivyo kufanya ubongo urefresh kabisa na hili linasaidia kupunguza stress za kijinga pia tambua kua ukiwa nafuraha wakati wote unaongeza siku za kuishi mimi nakutakia skukuu njema huku ukiwa na malengo ya kutabasamu wakati wote inshaallahh MUNGU AKUJALIE KILA LA KHERI...



Sunday, November 14, 2010

kitu chochote kizuri ni kile ulicho kipenda na sidhani kama kuna maana tofauti

 inawezekana hata wewe unapenda kula  au unapenda kua na gari na mwingine anapenda kua na nyumba mwaingine kua na wake wengi so mheshimu kila mtu na mawazo yake..
kuna watu wengine wanapenda kul wengine wanapenda ulevi na kila mtu anaheshimu sna kile ambacho nafsi yake inakifanya hajalishi ni kizur ama kibaya kwa upande wako inawezekana kikawa ni kibaya ila kwake na kwa wengine kikawa ni kizuri ajabu somt anapo amua kuafanya jambo flani jaribu kumuheshimu na usimuone mjinga hebu jaribu kumuelimisha kama kiko nje ya maadili au haki za kidinadamu na pia kinyume na sheria...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

kila anayetamani kuishi maisha ya kifalme lazima akubali kuishi maisha ya utumwa

no sweat no sweet.. kama unataka kula bata lazima ukubali kuumia kidogo na mafanikio hayaji kama ndoto kaa chini ndani ya kila wiki end na jiulize ndani ya wiki iliopita nimefanya nini na je wiki ijayo nitafanya nini hili lifanye kila wikeend na litumie kama dozi kama hakuna chamaana lazima ujihoji kuna tatizo gani  neno langu la mwisho kwako .... NI HERI KUFA UKIJARIBU KULIKO KISHI UKIPOTEZA KILA SIKU.. NI AIBU tambua kama wewe ni jeshi la mtu mmoja hivyo pambana daima utashinda

Friday, November 12, 2010

weekend na style maalum ya kutokea ili uoneshe tofauti na siku za kazi

 ukiwa na upande wako wa pili sawa bora wikiend iwe na nuru kwako...
weekend inaweza kubadili muonekano wako kwani kwa kubadili muonekano wako na kutembelea sehemu mbalimbali inaweza ikakufanya usahau yale yaliyotokea siku za nyuma na sehemu nzuri za kutembelea ni sehem za starehe na sehemu ambazo hazina kelele kama huwa hupendi kelele na pia kukaa na marafiki ama watu wazima ambao unafikirir wanaweza kua na hekima ambayo inaweza ikakubadilisha mawazo na kupata kitu kipya ndani ya maisha yako ya kila siku...

                                                                                                  hata ukiwa hivi pia sawa

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

michele obama mwanamke wa mfano hata kiazoezi na pia ni imara wakati wote

utaratibu wa kufanya mazoezi mara nyingi watu hawaupi kipaumbele ila ni jambo la muhimu sana  kuna faida nyingi sana lakini tumekua tukipuuza kwa maelezo mengi na faida ya mazoezi wasiliana na mimi na nitakwambia unawezaje kuanza mazoezi hata kama huana mood ya kufanya hivyo..

hivi tunawapeleka wapi watoto wetu kwa mtindo huu nafikiri malezi yanawashinda wazazi

katika mitandao kuna picha ambazo zinaonekana dhahiri ambazo kwa watoto sio nzuri zina wapeleka mbali wakati ndio kwa nza hata dalili hawajafikia hivi tunawaleaje watoto huko majumbani au unawaachia watoto wafanye kila wanachodhani ni kizuri hata kama ni kibaya haya ona picha hii kisha niambie je malezi ya mtoto huyu na wako pia ni kama hivi?tubadilike ili tuwe saawa na tamaduni zetu za kiafrika..

Monday, November 8, 2010

majukumu ya .dk. jakaya kikwete yameamza rasmi kwa kazi zaidi nguvuzaidi na ari zaidi

tayari ameshateua mwanasheria mkuu ambaye atasimamia masuala ya kisheria katika ngazi mbalimablia na mwanasheria huyui tayari ameapishwa rasmi na tayari kibarua chake kinaanzan rasmi.. hii ndi kasi zaidi ngoja tuone hali itakuaje ndani ya siku 100 za kukaa tena ikulu


uchaguzi tangu kampeni hadi kuapishwa kwa rais dk. jakaya m. kikwete..............
HAYAWI hayawi, sasa yamekuwa, Uchaguzi Mkuu wa 2010 umefanyika na viongozi wamepatikana. Hii ni baada ya kampeni za takribani siku 70 za mchana na usiku, wengine wakiziita za nyumba kwa nyumba, kupasua anga na mwisho wake kufanyika kwa uchaguzi uliosababisha kupatikana kwa Rais katika uchaguzi wa nne kuvishirikisha vyama vingi vya siasa,
Mengi yamesemwa, kadhalika mengi yametokea, Watanzania hawakubadilishwa na kampeni, zilizofuatiwa na uchaguzi na baadaye matokeo. Tanzania imeendelea kuwa moja na Watanzania wameendelea kuwa walewale. Lakini je, nini haswa kimejiri kufuatia uchaguzi huu wa nne uliofanyika Oktoba 31, mwaka huu?

Mwamko wa wananchi

Jambo muhimu ambalo Watanzania wameshuhudia katika uchaguzi huu wanne mwamko mkubwa wa wananchi. Wengi wamejitokeza katika mchakato mzima la kampeni za wagombea mbalimbali na hatimaye kupiga kura kwa wale walioona wamewaridhisha na wanafaa kuongoza.
Lakini wananchi pia wameonyesha utulivu wa hali ya juu katika zoezi zima la kampeni na hatimaye uchaguzi. Licha ya tofauti za kiitikadi, hakukuonekana kuwa na uhasama mkubwa baina yao zaidi ya kupingana kwa hoja.
Kutokana na mwamko huo wa wananchi, utulivu uliokuwepo uchaguzi umeonekana kufanyika katika hali ya amani na utulivu kulinganisha na uchaguzi uliotangulia, hali inayodhirisha ukomavu wa kisiasa.
Mwitikio wa wananchi

Kwa ujumla, kama ilivyokuwa katika kujiandikisha kupiga kura, wananchi HAWAJAJITOKEZA kwa wingi. Idadi ya waliojitokeza kupiga kura nayo imekuwa ni ndogo kulinganisha na ile ya chaguzi zilizopita.

Idadi iliyoonekana kuwa kubwa ni ile ya vijana. Hamasa kwao imekuwa kubwa na wachunguzi wa mambo wanasema wingi huo unatokana na shauku ya vijana wengi wenye umri mdogo ambao wengi wa vijana hao wanapiga kura kwa mara ya kwanza.
Ukiachilia mbali idadi kubwa ya vijana wanawake nao hawakuwa nyuma, katika vituo vingi, wanawake wengi wa rika mbalimbali walijitokeza katika vituo kupiga kura, kulinganisha na wanaume hususani watu wa umri wa katikati na wale wa makamo.

Kukua kwa demokrasia

Mchakato mzima umemalizika huku wananchi wakishuhudia mabadiliko makubwa ya kukomaa kwa demokrasia nchini. Hali ya ukomavu wa kisiasa na kukua huko kumeonekana wazi tangu wakati wa kampeni ambapo wananchi na wagombea walionekana kuwa wawazi kuzungumza hisia zao.

Tatizo jingine lilikuja baada ya matokeo ya baadhi ya maeneo mengi kuchelewa kutolewa na baadhi ya wananchi walonekana kutopenda kilicho tokea na hili lilizua tafrani kama vile mwanza na kazalika,…

Changamoto kubwa sana ndani ya matokeo yaliyotoka ni upinzani kuvunja record yake kwa kupata viti vingi zaidi bungeni kuliko kipindi kingine chochote kile na hili linazibitisha kua mwaka huu mjengono hapatoshi katika vyombo vya habari nilinukuu kauli ya msanii mr. sugu alieingia bungeni kupitia chadema kua atakua mtulivu kuliko waivyo mzoea wanachi wengi na hili linanipa shauku ya kufatilia bunge la mwaka huu

Ushingi kama wengi mnavyojua ulienda kwa jakaya kikwete na aliapishwa jumamosi lakini slaa alionekana kutoridhika kabisa na matokeo hayo





Wednesday, November 3, 2010

makala maalum kuhusu uchaguzi uliopita inakuja na hii inatokana na mimi kuongea na baadhi ya wanasiasa na kuelezea mustakabali wa nchi

 lazima utakubali kuwa huu ni mwaka wa mabadiliko lazima rais ale na watoto wa mitaani na wanaishi ktk mazingira hatarishi na magumu hapo sasa ndio ikulu haitakuwa na radha nzuri sana kama ilivyozoeleka.

hii ndio itatufanya watanzania ambao bado tuna shuku ya kutaka kujua nchi yetu wapi ilpo na wapi inapokwenda na kwa hili lazima tuwe makini sana kwani wewe kama raia wa nchi hii lazima ujue haki zako za msingi kabisa ila kingine ccm chali zaidi ya majimbo 50 na nguli na mawaziri waangushwa kirahisi je ni akina nani? isubirie......

hakika hakuna raha ilioje kama chama tawala maji yanapofika shingoni mana hata wizi utapungua

steve used to say...kila palipo na wengi wa itikadi tofauti lazima watu wawe makini sana na hili ndilo ambalo limejitokeza tanzania mana hakika nina uhakika mwaka huu bungeni patachimbika tu mana vijana wapo  wapenda maendeleo wapo hata kama wizi utakuwepo ila jamani utakua na ka uwoga kidogo sio kama zamani mara epa mara richmond inauma kuona watanzania tunaliwa jasho letu ila sasa ngojeni muone kitimtim cha bungeni mwaka huu mana mpaka sasa kuna majimbo 52 ya upinzania mpaka naandika post hii viva tanzania lazima kiwake mwaka huu mjengoni...

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