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Monday, February 13, 2012


Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days in a year. So it is natural that each one of us wish to celebrate this day uniquely. But the question arises as to how to celebrate this wonderful day in a special way.

Your Valentine's Day must be remarkable and should leave an unforgettable impression in the mind of your beloved. Use your own romantic and thoughtful ideas for creating a unique Valentine's day celebration.

There are ample valentine ideas and tips but the first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to create the love ambiance around you and your beloved. Your valentine day gift to your beloved need not be expensive but it should be straight from the heart.   
If you are aspiring for an exquisite Valentine's Day then just go through the touching valentine ideas or tips to make an ideal valentine's day.

1. Kiss her on her forehead and whisper the three magical words in her ears.

2. Wrap a red ribbon around yourself and gift yourself to your lover on this valentine's day.

3. Write love notes on small Que cards and hide them in places like the closet, stick one on the mirror, in the pocket of the bathrobe and other such other places.

4. Decorate the house with heart shaped helium balloons, roses and scented candles.

5. Create a scrapbook with beautiful photographs of you two and gift it to your lover.

6. Write a small romantic valentine poem, read it out to your lover and propose him/her to be your valentine.

7. Gift your beloved a diamond ring. Diamonds are forever and so is your love.

8. Cook and book your lover's heart. Prepare the delicacies which your partner loves and invite him/her for a candlelight dinner.

9. Prepare a DVD with a collection of the most romantic Valentine tracks and gift it to your beloved.

10. Send a bouquet of red roses with some nice chocolates for your lover at her workplace.

Best Gifts for Women

If you are married or engaged then make sure you make the Valentines Day a memorable one to your Wife or Girlfriend with gifts, love and romance. Women often complain that their men are unromantic and on this day the least you could do is prove that she is wrong. There are certain advantages of giving romantic gifts. Apart from setting the mood for love, romance or even sex it helps in improving your relationship to a considerable extent. Most women are hopeless romantics and you can watch her eyes light up at the sight of your Romantic Gifts on Valentine's Day. Most women love gifts because of the feelings or thought with which it is given than the actual value. It is not wrong to say that women are sentimental little souls. It is said that it is so easy to fall in love but not quite that easy to follow through. Gifts are a way of keeping the bond together. A right gift given at the right time can do wonders to a relationship. Wondering what would be the Best gift for the Woman you love? Check out the list below.

Valentine’s Day is different. People are finding it difficult to get ideas as to how to spend this important day. This time the season of love is not just about chocolates, heart shaped balloons and candle-lit dinners. With the consumers bent on breaking a record of ten years in expenditure in Valentine season, the options to express love are more and the season has turned into an expression of ‘Christmassy’ community goodwill instead of just love to the single most important love.
The National Retail Federation survey of more than 8,000 people, conducted by consumer surveyor BIGinsight has revealed some interesting ‘love’ numbers this year. This year consumers are expected to spend more and break the record of the last 10 years. Those who are celebrating Valentine’s Day are going to spend an average of $126.03, up 8.5% from last year. This is the highest percentage of expenditure since NRF began the survey 10 years ago. This will bring the total spending to $17.6 billion.
Megan Donadio, retail strategist at consulting firm Kurt Salmon explained that the boost in sales this year is because of the ever-growing popularity of e-commerce. Donadio adds that “the Web makes it easy to shell out for the discounts and daily deals consumers love.”
And with tech becoming more popular a field of expenditure, expressions of love are turning into apps. More than 15,000 downloads were reported in the past week of the free Moonit app which invites people to send requests to “flirt” or “friend” other users and analyzes birthdays to deliver a “compatibility report” such as: “You’re 98% compatible, we hear wedding bells!”
Surprisingly, men are going to spend about twice as much on expressions of love this season than women are. At the number for men standing at about $169 vs. about $86 for women, it makes one wonder if the fairer sex is becoming less romantic.

Studying consumer psychology as an answer, psychologist Kit Yarrow said, “Valentine’s Day is the ‘put up or shut up’ day for them. They don’t want to make a mistake.”
Hearing it from the man’s mouth himself, a typical consumer named Dan Kassonie of Clayton says that he will buy something for his wife “because you pretty much have to if you’re married, to stay out of the dog house.”
The couples are not the only ones spending on each other. The pets are also on the top this season when it comes to receiving presents. The survey also reveals that about 20% of consumers plan to give their pets a gift, despite the cost of almost everything shooting up this season.
 Tiffany Herklots, Zagat spokeswoman, said, “On Valentine’s Day, budgets go out the window.”
Carole Townsend, an author, who has written about Valentine’s Day, explains the spirit, “It’s a holiday that strikes fear and dread in men. They’re so afraid they’re going to mess up no matter what they do. Sometimes they’ll confuse the costs of the gift with the meaning of the gift, and they think, ‘If you don’t know what to do, just throw money at it’.”
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