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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tribute to Tanzania to fulfill 50 years of independence, but ... nausea allowance for MPs is very dangerous. I certainly I refuse

Today tanzania fulfills the 50 years since founds its independence from England and before that had been dominated by German and then in the second war world german lost colonies all and Tanganyika We fell into the hands of England, where the peace were committed to us over the official date as of today in 1961 . tanzania in this life has made its challenges as famine, war, and disasters such as accidents  etc................. 
and in the range of life yet we move forward to where we are hardy, but in every success there no one defects and today with the recognition of the importance of our leaders I speak to the issue of increase in allowances of members of our there are those legislators who care about their stomachs and their minds do not know that there are millions of Tanzania live life and low life very difficult. But he surprised the man I know from where to charm you think he comes from hell and then don't think debt that teachers claim governmental debt that the government owes to workers range does not see a salary inferior to the doctor today do not see a salary less the teacher of today, but they think their stomachs and they do not see even embarrassing to say the word the presence of citizens with a poor economy very heartening and it does not matter if I now read for the funding of government but cry and citizen lowly who I believe most of the ones who put them in power again if they gave them promises a lot of lies and now they come and cry out their stomachs regardless that the salaries are given the taxation of citizens, the situation is still fragile to prepare a neutral ground, including the cost of living they want to exploit citizen again under the same allowance to recompense them for sleep and slumber only to Parliament. 
me and by country many know it is painful and certainly reaches stage to say that I have my great authority would put in all that waste bills for stupid like this to benefit the intestines of a few people while millions will weaken them perishing in anguish misery and hunger. while they are eating duck and celebrates and this I believe gives a curse for those who want the program to whoever approved this plan and to this union any  political party from supporting arguments like this no reason to continue to vote for them and a lot for me I will give for mischief by these thugs the pen.
 as true leaders of this country want peace was achieved and the public continue to grow in the faith and their governments must foolish things like this avoid at all and those opponents are deceit who cried on stage indeed hour by hour the situation is bad, then they agree this I told them that we have been deceived and now even you are you pretending you are fighting for the rights of Tanzanians and yet are deceit bosses do not expect to get our vote in the next elections, and continue to say that those greedy ones selfish cutting should be given an allowance over and amazingly there are doctors and teachers and staff at others but forgotten because of greed only member adult and his mind goes out and say either offer a bill to brand simply be raised allowances and he will sit endorsed know all he offended the people of Tanzania and sin against God, and indeed this sin will burning you all robbers last day and they think that Tanzanians can all forgive sin like this.
i congratulate all Tanzanians to where we are but together should show unstable medical teachers bark bark bark and other workers and also students who push the bark into the classes they want to exploit the land and these thugs mischievous pen without wanting to destroy this country because of their bowels. God Bless Tanzania and its people these defects of pen robbers were getting the blessings. GOD bless me no matter what but mus all exploiters way...
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