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Saturday, October 29, 2011

wonderful dog who lives with the child of monkeys


 One day I was in walking me in various villages I met with the occurrence of striking, which today has made me to write about. I met a dog who was living with a child of monkeys and every dog he was going to let the child, the monkeys had to climb up the back and neither the dog was no objections and it seems that the dog he had no betrayal at all and monkeys that although I understand that dogs and monkeys always do reconciled with the monkeys and dogs are enemies.
  good only now I get tired more when I see this charm that she suck the milk of a dog he nor the dog not have to worry at all I tried to beat the picture and was not terrified, but amazingly no one who was wondering more of us foreigners who have been there for the remote and iaoneka they were quite accustomed to see those creatures as well.
dog and monkey
  I have a question there is no harm he can get the monkeys if the dog will use the veil in her life? and if so, what and why as there is for monkeys and dogs are creatures who have no close ties. monkeys the best man I know would have milk bit compatible ... in the next article as I have a good chance that I will try to meet / communicate with doctors to see if there is any proble mya occur to those aminal. and so I may go as no harm can I find these creatures
another dog follow monkey and dog
waswahili wansema ukistaajabu ya musa utayaona ya firauni . haka ka dognimekamind ningekuwa na uwezo ningemchukua niishi nae nione mwisho wamaisha yao yangefikia wapi.....

by Steven Mruma..................
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