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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scholarships for Tanzanian students now its you time, you may try or do.

many students do not know exactly what they should do in order to space out here you can read how I get from so you can get some idea of ​​joining with foreign universities for more knowledge try is truly possible ... got the idea to work together ....Switzerland Government University Scholarship  for Tanzanian students for the academic year 2011/2012.
The university scholarships are intended for post-graduate students only, with as special emphasis put on Research Fellowships. Applicants who already hold a Master degree and wish to undertake a second (or 3rd) Master degree are not considered a priority for the Swiss Government Scholarships. Multiplying the Master degrees will not be encouraged by the Federal Commission for Scholarship (FCS). Besides, please be aware that for Master programs, the FCS does not pay for Master tuition fees.
Candidates should not be older than 35 years (i.e. born after 1 January 1976).
Before applying, you must find out whether your planned study program or research project can be carried out at the university concerned. Therefore, you will have to contact the Professor or the Administrator responsible for the postgraduate course. You will have to submit copies of your diploma with grades, a detailed study plan (see guidelines for details) and a curriculum vitae. Should this contact not be made, the Swiss Embassy will reject the candidature.
In order to study in Switzerland the students must have a good knowledge of French, German or Italian, as classes will mostly be given in one of these languages. For research scholarships, the language is often English, more specifically in Sciences.
It is essential that you fill in the application forms electronically and print them out to attach to your file. Forms filled in by hand will not be accepted.
Each application form and all the annexed documents required have to be sent in triplicate in the given order (see Application Guidelines on Downloads). The complete application files should be submitted to the Embassy not later than 29 October 2010.
All documents which are not in English, German or French must be accompanied by certified translations in one of these 3 languages.
Important: The FCS has issued new Application Guidelines . These guidelines outline all the important information and requirements to prepare a good application.
Applications will not be taken into consideration if they are in one of the following situations:
* The application is incomplete, does not respect the guidelines or is badly prepared;
* The applicant is older than 35 (born prior to 1.1.1976);
* Applications for 2 or more Universities. Applicants must apply for only 1 University;
* The applicant is already attending the first year of a Master Program in one of the Swiss Universities. Students already embarked in a Master program in one of the Swiss Universities are not eligible for a Swiss Government Scholarship;
* The applicant does not have sufficient knowledge of the teaching language (see. Appendix of the APPLICATION GUIDELINES for the teaching languages of the various Master Programs.). In case your application has been pre-selected by the Embassy, you will be invited for a language test at the Embassy;
* If the applicant is required to attend a complementary program or to catch up ECTS credits in order to comply with the University requirements.
Once you have submitted your application to the Embassy, it is definite, you will not be able to take it back in case any document is missing => Before submitting your application, please check carefully that it is complete with all required documents, photos, signature and prepared according to the guidelines.
Details Scholarship Information and Application

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships target highly-qualified students from various countries including Tanzania. About 120 scholarships will be awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August 2012. The scholarship covers both living costs and tuition fees.

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