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Friday, September 28, 2012


There are days I promise that I will bring you news which are related to many things of which other people understand it is very difficult, which is made by the Maasai community. Maasai society which I have the privilege of seeing and living at least in the short term is the Maasai community who are along the border region of Tanga district Kiteto or Manyara Region. In the Maasai community know I have been privileged to discover things of which is not very easy to know if you had the opportunity to have a close Maasai. And I know a lot of you'll know them today are going amazing and it's really amazing and maybe some you have never heard or experienced it.

. In those things which hiden and you can not easily know are as follows: -
 1.  is one among the tribes that are completely contrary to the community while at other Swahili people will kill for jealousy is quite different from the Maasai because the wife is able to go and seek her husband's second wife and three etc.. If required to do so and do not have much sexual jealousy that meet even the fighting action as it occurs in most societies of the world. I find a woman is his wife and they were very happy and I realized I was very surprised when I answered that this was a great wife and daughter I sought him marry my husband as a second wife to share in the work. Is she the sister of Swahili we can? Followers of example.

 2. If the big hedge Masai all unfortunately they died young will be even be a little old to less than ten years he delivered home as head of household, and it is accompanied by a be a wife first for head of household must have has a wife. this also I find it boy called Dainoni at the age of 12 years gets the calamity of his father forcing him to be the head of household, and there had to be given a wife who was 8 years old. Now get a 12 year old child anaoa another child of 8 years and the two begin life as wife and husband. Then when I asked how will things will do as usual? The answer was also amazing that the older morani as uncles etc are helping to make the issues that will have sex with the girl until the young man will be able to do it yourself.

3. This I want to ask yourself how you ever meet the Maasai mad? Or an albino? Or chronic disability? I have my answer is no, but this is why you can not meet this kind of people in Maasai? I wondered this question too that once the baby is born and discovered that he has a disability disability as large as the skin ie the albino child is killed immediately as they believe that it is a great misfortune to misfortune in the Maasai community. In this regard, if you met a Maasai same kind as he was born in the city or the hospital and is very unfortunate to find the mother of the Maasai gives birth hospital, so the problems of the tip as we've been used to seeing for many tribes to Maasai none at all and if the walls are not Maasai who grew up in the masai these days, though these practices have been flowing to the left, though very slow and cultures with some having as usual.

Many today are left with it then I will finish soon, I am sure you will agree that it is one among the Maasai tribes are amazing and enjoyable things other three meet next article and will come soon. stay still
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