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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

specific features of tourism in Tanzania is almost completed after conducting an analysis

specific features of tourism in Tanzania is almost completed after conducting an analysis of reviews is ready this is a very small beginnings do not miss the great wonders of Tanzania through this important article of tourism .. stay ready.....................

Tanzania, a country endowed with abundant wildlife, great and unique natural features, friendly and hospitable people and a superb climate, has gradually become a favorite destination for international tourism.
ZebraTanzania embodies all the attractions of Africa. With 14 National parks, numerous Games and Forest Reserves taking 38% of its landmass, it is truly a Garden of Eden on this earth; hence it invoked awe to many international tourists. From the fabled snow-capped highest free standing mountain in the world – Kilimanjaro, Game Park, historical and archaeological sites to virgin unspoilt beaches, the country has made positive gains in its approach to low impact/high yield sustainable tourism policy. This has led to the protection of environment from irreversible damage while at the same time creating a top-class Eco-tourism destination.
Given improved services in the tourism industry, the visitor can enjoy all the comforts and amenities of modern life, making the adventure of exploration to Tanzania, comfortable, enjoyable and extremely rewarding. There are so many ways to enjoy what our country offers that will make visitors never regret.
Following government’s liberalization policy, The National Tourism Policy was reviewed in 1999. The policy has clearly slept out vital and key essential elements that are aimed at promoting the country’s tourism industry by optimizing the private sector. The government will only play a regulatory role in policy formulation monitoring, regulating and collection of government revenue derived from the industry.
The policy also charts out the need for creation of new tourist products where the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism is now promoting the North Eastern Zone, Coastal Belt, Southern and Southern Highlands Zones as well as the southern extensive beaches along the Indian Ocean for investment. Emphasis is also placed on cultural tourism, which is now rapidly picking up water sports, historical and archaeological sites. Conference tourism is another new product being targeted.
To be continue......................... soon.
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