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Monday, August 22, 2011


zanzibar beach
Tanzania country with a lot of tourist attractions and in some centers that I have visited a lot of amazing things recently and I have witnessed many things bagamoyo including historic buildings which slaves were kept, etc.. but I also get to witness Amboni caves where there also are signs of such conditions on a fountain of hot water, a symbol of the human foot, pictures of the shapes of symbols like the lion ships and even the genital area of humans. and many other things I also fortunate to Manyara, where I also saw things very much astonished at thee lion riding on trees and see the giraffes and so many animals. 
I also go witnessing goals birds are found in abundance here tanzania flight of flamingos, which are also found in Manyara. My trip is still very great, although I am in Arusha school first, but I leave I look ten Selous and Katavi also to witness a lot more to see and appreciate the heritage of a Tanzanian.Maisha ya Watanzania wa leo na vizazi vijavyo, yanategemea maliasili ya nchi. Tanzania imebahatika kuwa na rasilimali nyingi ikiwemo misitu, wanyamapori, mito, maziwa na maeneo kinamasi. Rasilimali hii ni muhimu kwa utoaji wa huduma kiuchumi na kijamii. Kufifisha rasilimali hii ni kuharibu mazingira endelevu ya shughuli za kiuchumi. habari hii itaendelea baada ya utafiti na kujaribu kutembelea sehemu husika hivi karibuni itakuwa tayari.
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