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Friday, July 1, 2011

picha za tukio la wakenya wa;iotakiwa kulipa fidia baada ya kugonga mbwa

huyu ndie muumini wa dini ya kiislamu aliedai fidia ya mbwa wake baada ya kugongwa na wakenya waliokuwa kikazi wilayani kilindi mkoa wa tanga wmwezi uliopita  The above picture is a believer of the religion he claims compensation for his dog cry hit by a car and do Kenyans and Kenyans in the violence that led it to pay compensation..
This picture below is  a dog hit by car cry of Kenya and Kenyans allegedly resulting in compensation of 20,000 shillings? = as compensation for the death of this dog who believed most of the religion they believe is illegal.
huyu ndie mbwa aliesababisha wakenya wadaiwe 20000?= kama fidia ya kusababisha kifo cha mbwa huyu 

Money is the source of slavery claim that illegal and this is where I got the entire pattern that many people God placed on hold for personal interests and justify the best way to inherit eternal fire of hell. escaped slavery across the goals that lie ahead on the day of Judgement that is coming off
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