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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There is one case of Kenyans claimed compensation for their car hit a dog and was very frightened of the event and even me too.

if we know that dogs are forbidden in the Muslim and is defiled by some Christians, especially Adventists all of whom the Muslims and Christians, those who believe it is not lawful to keep or take the compensation of animal or something illegal for the unlawfulness of his meaning you can not eat or use the compensation So for your livelihood Kam umuumini especially true of religion, particularly Islam. when I am in the remote district of the depths I met with the incident of the believer a Muslim who decided kung 'ang' desire was paid compensation because supposedly his dog had been hit by a car of Kenyans them to prevail to do violence to beat up after the Kenyans they have stammering compensation the 20,000 shillings will wonder what the religious believer of Islam had made ​​the right to claim compensation for the dog? not hide his name is called Hassani kwamaligwa Mahimbo village district of Tanga region depths. full story pictures of the suspect and all  
accidents in general and of people waiting for me through facebook .... so you can share your ideas and your feedback is very important if you see fit your freedom is something to be done ..... is it legitimate to claim compensation for a dog?.
 habari kamili kuhusu kisa cha mbwa huyu aliegongwa na wakenya pamoja na picha za tukio zipo njiani ila bado napata mashaka kama ni halali kudai fidia ya mbwa au ni hiari ya alisababisha ajali kumfikiria mwenye mali  pia napata mashaka je hiyo fedha ya fidia unaipeleka wapi? kutoa sadaka au uanitumia kutafutia kitoweo kingine au uaiweka kama ukumbusho? mkenya mmoja kati ya hao ambaye anaitwa David lelei alidiriki kusema Hassani mahimbo (mdai fidia) amekula haramu na hakika akawekwe maji mana sio muislamu tena ila ni kafiri.....
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