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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Would be a terrible final Chelsea vs bayern Munich. UEFA Champions League

on 24th and 25th of this month saw the second semi-final of the UEFA Champions final and Chelsea succeed to undercut it by defending champions Barcelona back in his home stadium Camp Nou. situation was the same for the Spaniards to their rivals Real Madrid and they lifted in a shootout tournament penalty after Ronaldo, brothers and Ramos lack penalt to achieve their final journey this season's UEFA. Now would be a terrible final of which is coming soon, for on 19 May 2012 and the finals will be held at the home stadium of Bayern Munich areanzi Arena. it is terrible because finals following.
one. Chelsea, which had many problems it seems the problems are now over and now they are playing from the heart to reach the goals of winning and not otherwise
Two. Weak but have made a better team around Barcelona in the tournament when many people were given the opportunity out of Chelsea and Barca are also given the opportunity also to bind Bayern Chelsea in the finals May 19.

Three. absence of some key players for each team as Chelsea missed itawa Ramires, Meireles, Terry and Ivanovic with a central defender Cahill and David Luis condition being not zija known until now. Bayern also miss out Gustavo, Alaba and Budstuber. This is due to the cards they play these players.
Four. Bayern at home is not easy to accept more easily relinquish Cup in his home stadium,
Of course not easy, but still off and do not have much terror as estimated by Barca.
Five. Di Mateo to take title to be the team with the coach of Bayern was anxious to get at least a cup of this after missing the bundersliga and Chelsea remembered may lack four of the top in the epl and this will make them miss the UEFA next so they need to take to go through like a champion a champion.
I know we all wanted to run fast on that day so we can see who is who and eliminating many disputes still we have and we will be there with them. but from my side Bayern are very good and able but I believe Chelsea will take the title if it is for the first time if they managed to take the title. I know Bayern and Barca are not a terror as though patterns vary widely but are completely off and are preventable.

tuombe siku ifike tujue nani ni nani.

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        Steven Mruma..
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